Precautions for installation of steel structure buildings

Time: 2020-02-24
Summary: Precautions for installation of steel structure buildings include the following three points.
Compared with the traditional concrete buildings, the steel structure buildings replace the reinforced concrete with steel plate or section steel, which has higher strength and better seismic performance. And because the components can be manufactured in factory and installed on site, the construction period is greatly reduced. Because the steel can be reused, construction waste can be greatly reduced, and it is more green and environmental protection, so it is widely used in industrial and civil buildings in the world. At present, the application of steel structure building in high-rise and super high-rise buildings is becoming more and more mature, and gradually becomes the mainstream construction technology, which is the development direction of future buildings. Therefore, during the installation of steel structure buildings, the following matters need to be noted:

1、 The importance of safety maintenance in the whole process of steel structure construction
In the whole process of installation and construction of steel structure engineering, because of its unique working conditions and working environment, it determines the safety factor in the construction process of steel structure construction engineering. Because there must be a lot of manual work in the whole process of welder's work in the steel structure construction, the low level of mechanization causes the continuous improvement of the workload of welding workers. In order to ensure the safety of workers, it is necessary to maintain the safety of the construction site.

2、 The whole process of steel structure construction is complex and diverse
In the process of steel structure construction, we must distinguish the types of steel structure construction, which can be divided into indoor space steel structure, housing steel structure, high-rise residential steel structure, light steel structure and overweight steel structure. Moreover, after the steel structure manufactured by the processing plant is transported to the construction site and placed and the capital construction is completed, it is necessary to carry out the hoisting, moving assembly, aligning, fixing, and welding step by step in accordance with the necessary work flow. In the construction of steel structure, the welding process is mostly manual arc welding, if necessary, gas welding, protective welding, argon arc welding and other methods are used, and the cutting process is also abrasive cutting and other methods, especially the safety factor in the whole process of engineering construction.

3、 Bad working environment of welders
In the whole process of steel structure construction, many welders have to process, so the working environment of welders is complex and lack of safety guarantee. For example, most of them work in the open air in outdoor places, and they will encounter the conditions of sun exposure and thunderstorm. In the climbing operation, the temperature is high, far from the road, and the safety factor is low. These workplaces often have a lot of operation obstacles, the speed of position change is fast, and it is very inconvenient in the process of change. If the construction site is relatively small and there are many equipment placed, it will cause a great potential safety hazard. Due to the long-term contact of the construction personnel with the electric welding operation, and in the extremely easy to form flammable and explosive materials, high temperature strong shooting conditions. Effective corresponding measures shall be taken according to the situation to reduce the impact on the physical and mental health of construction personnel.

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