Prefabricated container room, give you a different house

Time: 2020-01-06
Summary: Prefabricated container room, give you a different house

  Box type mobile house is a kind of green building with steel as the main body, and it is also a kind of popular steel structure building at present.In the era when the concept of environmental protection and energy saving prevails, steel structure buildings gradually get people's favor.Box type mobile housing for the overall structure, the frame, the wall for steel plate, through the welding connection, manufactured box type mobile housing structure is strong, more safe and durable.The box-type mobile housing with steel as the main body is anti-wind and anti-earthquake, able to withstand greater pressure, which makes the box type mobile housing safe and durable, providing users with a safe and comfortable living environment.At the same time, box type mobile room style is diversiform, can combine freely all sorts of different modelling, the building of different style, give you a different house.

  With the progress of life, people's requirements for housing also gradually improve, before the cookie-cutter commercial housing gradually can not meet people's requirements for housing modeling appearance.And box type mobile room can be designed freely, free change, you can let the customer design to change the shape, appearance, by a lot of customers love.

  More and more construction waste has caused great trouble to people. At this time, the steel structure buildings which produce almost no construction waste become more prominent.Compared with ordinary concrete buildings, steel structure buildings are faster and more convenient, more environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and the materials of steel structure buildings can be recycled, making full use of resources, without causing environmental pollution.Box type mobile house is also a type of steel structure building, also has the characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving, reusable.

  Dalian guang tong steel structure co., LTD. Production of box-type trailer with insulation, windproof, shock, moisture, prevent leakage, green environmental protection, safe, convenient and fast moving and flexible combination, and the advantages of convenient installation, can be used to 1. the construction site of the high-end demand for overlay products, such as the project manager's office, residential buildings, meeting rooms, etc.;2. Limited by the site, the construction site can only install box-type combination room products;3. Field work room;Such as: field exploration and construction mobile office, dormitory, etc.;4. Emergency rooms;Such as: military mobile command center, disaster relief mobile command center, etc.

  Dalian guangtong steel structure co., ltd. is a steel structure construction industry as the target, set design, production, installation in one of the dalian steel structure company, with a high level of new building materials development, research as the backing;The implementation of the company's management system and strict product quality management, we always believe that good reputation comes from excellent quality, starting from strong strength.       

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