Design and build a steel structure workshop that is satisfactory to users

Time: 2019-11-25
Summary: Steel structure plant design elements.
     Steel structures have long been widely used in the construction industry abroad. In developed countries, small high-rise, high-rise steel structures are very common. Due to the continuous improvement of human cultural life, the requirements for high-rise and long-span buildings are getting higher and higher. The steel structure itself has the unique advantages of light weight, high strength and fast construction. Therefore, it is ideal for high-rise, large-span, especially super-high-rise and super-span, steel structure. The steel structure plant in the steel structure building will be described in detail below.
       Steel structure workshop means that the main load-bearing members are made of steel. Including steel columns, steel beams, steel structure foundations, steel roof trusses, steel roofs, etc. When designing steel structure plants for users, we often need to pay attention to the following items:
1. Bearing capacity: Steel structure workshops are subject to construction loads, rain, dust, snow pressure and maintenance loads. The load-bearing performance of the metal roof panel is related to the section characteristics of the plate type, the strength and thickness of the material, the force transmission mode, and the spacing of the stringers.
2.Daylighting: The construction area of ​​steel structure workshops is generally large, and indoor lighting is improved through skylights during the day to save energy. In the specific position of the metal roof, the lighting board or the lighting glass should be arranged. The life of the skylight should be considered in coordination with the metal roof panel, and the connection between the skylight and the metal roof panel should be waterproofed.
3.Moisture-proof: Especially in the rainy season in summer, to prevent condensation in the metal roof and metal roofing layer, and remove the water vapor in the metal roofing layer. The solution is to fill the metal roofing layer with insulation wool, a waterproof roofing membrane on the metal roofing floor, and a ventilated node on the metal roofing panel.
4. Lightning protection: In the summer, there are many thunderstorms. When the steel structure factory is designed, lightning should be led to the ground to prevent lightning from penetrating the metal roof into the room.
5. Fire prevention: Fire is a hidden danger in the use of steel structure workshops. The metal roofing material will not burn in the event of a fire in the steel structure plant, and the flame will not penetrate the metal roof panel.
6. Anti-seepage: In addition to doing leak-proof work, the steel structure workshop must also prevent rainwater from seeping into the metal roof panel from the outside. Rainwater enters the metal roof mainly by overlapping gaps or joints. In order to achieve the anti-seepage function, it is necessary to use a concealed fixing after the sealing gasket is used at the screw mouth, and sealant or welding treatment is used at the lap joint of the plate, preferably using a long-length plate to eliminate the lap joint at various nodes. The bloating is strictly waterproof.
7. Sound insulation: Most of the general steel structure workshops are used in production workshops. During the production and construction process, noise is inevitable, and the steel structure factory prevents the sound from being transmitted from the outside to the inside or from the inside to the outside. The metal roofing layer is filled with soundproofing material.
Eight, insulation: do a good job of rain in the summer, on the other hand, we must do a good job of winter insulation.
       Dalian Guangtong Steel Structure Co., Ltd. can customize large-span environmentally friendly steel structure workshops for customers. The material is Q235B or Q345B, the seismic strength can reach 7 grades, and the surface is derusted and sandblasted. The steel structure workshop can be used as warehouses, stadiums, houses, light steel integrated houses, light steel villas and other construction sites. The installation method is on-site lifting, bolting and installation. The steel structure workshop produced by Guangtong Steel has large span, high strength, light weight, low cost, heat preservation, energy saving, beautiful appearance, short construction time, good heat preservation effect, long service life, space saving, good seismic performance and flexible layout. advantage.
       In the future, Guangtong Steel will continue to adhere to the concept of “Innovation and Win-win, Pursuit of Excellence”, take every customer seriously, put product quality first and become the corporate consensus of Guangtong Steel Structure, and carry out the quality of raw materials and products before leaving the factory. Strict control, quality service as the core, to meet customer needs and create more outstanding corporate achievements.

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