The headlines, look! Our German customer is checking the quality of the steel plate!

Time: 2019-10-08
Summary: Headlines, look! How serious our German customers are about product quality inspection!

   On August 21st, the German customer came to our company for an investigation. The customer carefully checked the quality of our products and carried out field quality inspection on the steel structure riveting and welding products. The German customer was very satisfied with the products and prepared for long-term cooperation!
   Dalian guangtong steel structure co., LTD., a professional steel structure engineering company, has been adhering to the principle of "quality satisfaction, customer first, truth-seeking, striving and enterprising" for many years. And the company also has a professional construction team, advanced management mode, sincere cooperation of the team spirit, perfect after-sales service is the company to win the trust of customers the fundamental guarantee, the company on the quality of products for strict control, professional and responsible technical personnel.
   With the rapid development and continuous innovation of the company, dalian guangtong steel structure co., ltd. is also constantly expanding the international market, and attract the attention of many foreign customers!

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