With the world "share" guangtong steel structure - warmly welcome Japanese customers to visit the factory guidance

Time: 2019-06-18
Summary: Japanese customers come to our factory for inspection

    With the rapid development of the company, more and more domestic and foreign customers choose to cooperate with dalian guangtong steel structure co., LTD.Recently, a group of foreign Japanese customers came to dalian guangtong steel structure production base to visit the investigation, most of the visitors for the Japanese company headquarters and division of the main person in charge.The company attaches great importance to this investigation.

  The customer to the factory, accompanied by a line of leadership in my company, and visited the steel sheet blanking part, welding part, set of links, quality inspection, including each workshop production staff personal protective measures, to the company's production equipment, testing equipment and so on all understanding, in the process of visit customers also the production process flow of the company's products, testing method, the product standards detailed inquiries, the company leadership also introduced the product's surface treatment, anti-corrosion treatment and coating thickness and other production processes, and customers for this product questions, answer company leadership,Customers on the storage platform welding steel frame full of praise!

  After the on-site investigation, the customer went to the company's conference room to check the relevant quality system certification materials, product production quality files, consulting more corporate culture, the customer also introduced the local culture of Japan with great interest, the whole process atmosphere was very harmonious.

Steel material shelves in the factory warehouse customized by us have the following characteristics:

1. Large space, light weight and small volume.

2. Low project cost, low resource loss and high accuracy.

3. Good safety performance, stable frame, strong load-bearing capacity and seismic resistance.

4. Clean, environmentally friendly and recyclable.

  Our products are as passionate as our team!Through this "close contact" between the Japanese customer and the factory, let the customer know the shelf of steel structure in more detail, so as to enhance the trust of dalian guangtong steel structure co., LTD., and further strengthen the pace and confidence of market development in the future.Through communication with customers, guangtong steel has gained a better understanding of the needs and characteristics of the customer market.Through the close cooperation of both sides, I believe we will usher in a more brilliant tomorrow.




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