Moorhead custom buoy - ready to go

Time: 2019-05-06
Summary: Mooring buoy Purpose of buoy: Marine levitator, used for navigation marks. Material Q345B.
Moorhead custom buoy - ready to go

As shown in the figure, the mooring buoy manufactured by our company is ready to be shipped to morehead, north Carolina after our production department and foreign trade department actively answer and meet the customer's questions and requirements.The product USES quality Q345B material, the size and color can be customized according to customer's requirements.

Buoy is a kind of buoy floating on the surface of water. It is anchored at a designated position to indicate the range of fairway, indicating shoals, obstructions to navigation or surface AIDS to navigation for special purposes. In particular, it can collect information about inclement weather and sea conditions difficult for survey vessels to collect.

Scope of application of mooring buoy of dalian guangtong steel structure co., LTD:

1. Indicated fairway: the fairway shall be indicated at the obvious place of the island case, and guidance marks shall be set to guide the ship to navigate along the fairway indicated by the navigation AIDS.

2. Danger zone: refers to shipwrecks, reefs, foreshores and other dangerous substances in the vicinity of the channel, and directs the ship to avoid these dangerous substances.

3. Ship positioning: determine the ship's position by means of the navigation mark set on land.

4. Special requirements: marking anchorage, restricted area, fishing area, and waters for the determination of kinematic performance and compass deviation of ships.

Characteristics of mooring buoys of dalian guangtong steel structure co., LTD:

1. Impact resistance: after being hit by external forces, it can quickly absorb the impact energy, restore its shape, resist stretching, and be extremely difficult to tear, which can guarantee the safety of floating body to the greatest extent.

2. Long service life: corrosion resistance, high chemical stability, ultraviolet radiation resistance, mechanical properties do not change, long service life.

3. High environmental protection: the material has extremely high chemical stability and will not decompose in seawater for decades, and will not pollute the environment. It is environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

Besides, our company will make technical and performance adjustments according to customer requirements and usage conditions. The system can adapt to a variety of harsh environments, no matter it is hot in Kenya, cold in Russia, or humid in southeast Asia.

Dalian steel structure co., LTD. There are various types of product accessories, can meet the needs of various customers, and regularly to fixed telephone return visit to our customers, for customer questions we will actively solve, until you satisfied, we will always put the interests of customers in dalian guang tong primary position in the development of steel structure co., LTD.Dalian guangtong steel structure co., LTD. Is always the best choice for you.