High-quality steel structure workshop - customized for you

Time: 2019-03-27
Summary: Design Elements of Steel Structure Workshop.
     In recent years, China's steel structure industry has developed rapidly. A large number of steel structures stand in the land of China and become the landmark buildings of many cities. The steel structure workshop can be said to be an important part.
      When designing and constructing steel structures, the factory is usually made according to the customer's specific size. At the same time, local wind speed and snowfall need to be calculated to ensure the safety and robustness of the workshop. The steel structure workshop is designed with a flat frame and the design software uses PKPM. The walls and shingles of the steel structure workshop are made of 0.5mm corrugated veneers, glass wool sandwich panels, rock wool sandwich panels and glass wool insulation veneers. Second, the construction of steel structure workshops can usually be completed very quickly. All steel structures are cut, welded, drilled, painted and then sent to the site for installation. The advantage of the steel shop is that it is completed quickly, saving construction time and manpower. Ordinary steel workshops can be completed in 2-3 months. At the same time, the steel structure building is formed by connecting the main beam of the H-beam, the support system, the wall and the roof pur strip. Roofs and walls use a variety of panels and other components, such as doors and windows.
      Dalian Guangtong Steel Structure Co., Ltd. can customize large-span environmentally friendly steel structure workshops for customers. The material is made of Q235B or Q345B, the seismic strength can reach 7 grades, and the surface is derusted and sandblasted, grade ST3. The steel structure workshop can be used as warehouses, stadiums, houses, light steel integrated houses, light steel villas and other construction sites. The installation method is on-site lifting, bolting and installation. The steel structure workshop produced by Guangtong Steel has large span, high strength, light weight, low cost, heat preservation, energy saving, beautiful appearance, short construction time, good heat preservation effect, long service life, space saving, good seismic performance and flexible layout. advantage.
      In the future, Guangtong Steel will continue to adhere to the concept of “Innovation and Win-win, Pursuit of Excellence”, and is committed to the design and manufacture of steel structures and non-standard metal parts, and strive to provide customers with satisfactory products and considerate services to create outstanding products. Business achievements.