Prefabricated Steel Structure Workshop - Designed for your professional integration

Time: 2019-03-15
Summary: No construction waste, long life, easy installation, fire prevention, professional team will provide you with quality service.
 At present, steel structure buildings have been widely used in the world. Among the 101 super high-rise buildings in the world, there are 59 pure steel structures, and more than 60% of high-end houses in foreign countries have adopted steel structures. Foreign experts believe that steel structure buildings can protect the environment and save energy. It is a batch of "black horses" for real estate products in the 21st century. In recent years, China's steel structure industry has developed rapidly. As one of the mainstream application forms of fabricated buildings, it is being highly praised by the state and local governments. It is expected that the steel structure industry will usher in new opportunities in the future. . Today, among many steel structure products, the steel structure workshop is selected for detailed introduction and explanation.
       The prefabricated steel structure workshop is composed of a plane frame structure, a main structure and a secondary structure. The main structure includes steel column, steel top beam, effective column, Q345B steel grade, yield strength 345 mpa, secondary structure includes: roof support, column X cross support, tie clip, steel pole, roofing rafter, wall raft, Q235B steel Grade, yield strength 235 mpa.
       The walls of the prefabricated steel structure shop overlap when they are fixed together with the roof panel, leaving no openings to isolate the building from the outside world. This helps keep the building warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, saving you energy costs.
       The prefabricated steel structure workshop is durable and coated with anti-corrosive paint. Since all drilling, cutting and welding are done before the steel structures are sent to the construction site for assembly, they are cheaper to build and much faster.
       The prefabricated steel structure workshop is composed of the main frame by connecting H-beam, C-shaped steel purlin, support system, tie rod and other steel components. Roofs and walls use a variety of panels and other components, such as doors and windows. Prefabricated metal structure workshop has the advantages of large span, high strength, light weight, low cost, heat preservation, energy saving, beautiful appearance, short construction time, good thermal insulation effect, long service life, high space utilization, good seismic performance and flexible layout.
      The main load-bearing members of the fabricated steel structure workshop are steel structures, including steel columns, steel beams and supporting systems for wall and roof. The main structure of China is Q345 steel, steel strength: 345Mpa, and the purlin and support system adopts Q235 steel. Steel strength: 235 mpa
      Prefabricated steel structures can be used for a wide range of project needs – from commercial (carports, showrooms) to agriculture (metal barns, warehouses) to industry (shops, equipment warehouses).
      The steel structure workshop manufactured by Dalian Guangtong Steel Structure Co., Ltd. can be customized according to the requirements of customers. It is made of Q235B / Q345B for rust removal and sand blasting, and the grade can reach ST3. Have good earthquake and wind resistance, quality assurance, excellent technical staff and masters to customize for customers, to bring the most satisfactory service to customers. Choose Guangtong Steel Structure and customize the best quality steel structure workshop!