German customers secondary procurement - domestic and foreign praise of the steel structure products

Time: 2019-02-25
Summary: German customers secondary procurement - domestic and foreign praise of the steel structure products

German customers secondary procurement - domestic and foreign praise of the steel structure products

  On February 25, 2019, the second batch of steel structure products purchased by German customers were sent to Germany in an orderly manner.After Germany customer visit, want to purchase steel structure products, visited the company factory production workshop, finished product stacking area, the construction area, in the process of visit, accompanied by our staff to the customer has carried on the detailed product introduction, enable customers to understand the production process and accuracy, and proposes the question to the customer for the professional solutions, rich professional knowledge and ability to work well, also left a deep impression to the customers.So the customer bought a batch of steel structure products on the spot and was very satisfied with our products. After a period of time, he bought the second batch of steel structure products.

  The steel structure adopts high-quality Q235B material, the length, width and thickness of the product can be customized according to customer's requirements.The surface has been sandblasted and rusted by Sad3 grade treatment, and the product has been antiseptic treatment.The steel structure products of dalian guangtong steel structure co., LTD are of high strength, light weight, good toughness inside steel, high plastic shape, uniform material, high reliability of structure, good bearing capacity, high degree of mechanization of steel structure manufacturing and installation, easy to assemble in factory and site.Site assembly speed is fast, short time limit.Energy saving, green environmental protection, reusable.And the steel structure is one of the most industrialized!

  The steel structure products made by dalian guangtong steel structure co., LTD are suitable for large span, high height and heavy bearing structure.Widely used in large factory buildings, industrial plants, municipal infrastructure construction, culture, education and sports construction, venues, super high-rise buildings, electric power, Bridges, offshore oil engineering, aerospace and other industries have been widely used, the market space is gradually expanding.Due to its advantages in economy and technology, low carbon emission reduction, circular economy and industrialization, the steel structure industry can better adapt to and meet the needs of China's current national economic construction, and will become one of the emerging industries with broad market, numerous enterprises, continuous innovation and full of vitality.

  Twelve years' journey has witnessed the growth, progress and development of guangtong steel structure co., LTD.Today's guangtong steel structure co., ltd. has developed into an important enterprise in China's steel structure industry integrating the distribution, production, processing, research and development, marketing and promotion of raw materials.We are grateful to the society, is the society gave us the opportunity to survive and develop the environment;Grateful customers, is your choice of guangtong, is your wisdom to help us develop the market, to provide us with orders;It is your timely feedback of market information that makes guangtong steel products successfully win the market in the process of upgrading.Drinking water siyuan, we know that the development and growth of guangtong steel structure co., ltd. can not be separated from your attention, trust, support and participation.It is a great honor for us to cooperate with our respected German customers for mutual benefit and common development.In the future we will continue to forge ahead, with high quality products, good reputation and thoughtful service, for the majority of customers and friends to provide a broader space for development.We are fully convinced that as long as your support and cooperation, as long as we continue to work hard, our common cause will have great space, great achievements and great development!