The prototype of the castle peak sand platoon center of the military games has appeared -- the steel structure main body has been completed

Time: 2018-12-17
Summary: The prototype of the castle peak sand platoon center of the military games has appeared -- the steel structure main body has been completed
The prototype of the castle peak sand platoon center of the military games has appeared -- the steel structure main body has been completed
     On the afternoon of the 17th, the reporter of Yangtze river daily came to the qingshan river beach beside wuhan tianxingzhou Yangtze river bridge, and saw the qingshan beach volleyball center of the military games meeting under construction in full swing. The steel structure of the main competition venue has been completed, and the 12 supporting cabins have been basically completed.

  The main venue of the qingshan sha pai centre is a light steel structure project, which is conducive to the demolition and recycling after the race.In the center of the stadium is the octagonal competition site, with 4 stands with a capacity of 1,116 spectators on the four sides of the southeast and northwest, and the main stand on the west side is equipped with a two-storey steel structure building, and the rest is a one-storey steel structure."Han gangping, site technical director of the construction company, China no. 1 yc, said there were also steel stairs 7 meters wide at each corner of the competition site to facilitate the audience's upper and lower stands. The connection between the four stands and the stairs is a steel structure corridor, which forms the steel structure of the main competition venue.

  Han gangping introduces, after National Day this year steel structure begins construction, to current main body already was completed, should undertake the ground next level off, shop outfit and afforestation, indoor water and electricity is installed, decorate wait for working procedure."The reason for the high construction efficiency of castle peak sand row center is inseparable from the assembly construction".

  The steel beam is made of thin-walled light steel, which is assembled on site after being integrated in the factory.The steel bearing plate to be laid on the grandstand walkway is also prefabricated and directly laid on site.Around the venue, there are also dozens of wooden cabins with a total area of 2,167 square meters, which are used as temporary accommodation for training services. These wooden cabins are also assembled on the site and can be dismantled or lifted away directly by cranes after the competition.

  After the construction of the main competition venue, the ground floor will be equipped with bathrooms for male and female athletes, dressing rooms, lounges, competition offices, security communication rooms, storage and operation rooms, etc.The second floor is mainly equipped with TV broadcast room, light and sound control room, large screen control room and security control room.

  It is reported that the beach volleyball center of qingshan river beach is designed according to 1 main competition field, 2 warm-up fields and 2 training fields. It covers an area of about 42,600 square meters and is constructed according to the standard of class a gymnasium. It can meet the competition demands of 32 teams of men and women on 7 competition days.

  The center is scheduled to complete its main project in February 2019 and complete in April 2019.The venue is one of the 10 newly built venues for the games and the only venue that can be dismantled after the games. The center of the venue is made of light steel structure, and the main girder structure is mostly connected with high wall bolts for easy disassembly.Temporary tents were set up beside the warm-up training ground for athletes to rest and change clothes.

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