What are the precautions for steel structure workshops?
Among the many types of steel structure buildings, steel structure workshops make people much favored. Steel structure workshops really combine the advantages of all steel structure buildings, which is the main reason why many customers are willing to use steel structure workshops. There are six points for attention in steel structure workshops.
(1) Bearing capacity of steel structure workshop: When constructing a steel structure workshop, we must consider its own bearing capacity, such as rain, snow, smoke, and maintenance. The load-bearing capacity of the metal roof panels of the steel structure workshop is mainly related to the steel structure cross section of the steel structure workshop, the pressure transmission method, the strength of the purlin or the material.
(2) Insulation capacity of steel structure workshops: In addition to the rainy season, we must pay attention to preventing moisture and also perform heat insulation treatment in winter. We must prevent heat from being transmitted on both sides of the metal roof of the steel structure workshop, so that the temperature in the workshop And the temperature outside the plant becomes the same. The thermal insulation method of the steel structure workshop can be filled with insulation cotton inside the metal roof of the steel structure workshop.
(3) Moisture prevention of steel structure workshops: Especially in rainy seasons or areas, it is necessary to prevent water vapor from solidifying on the wall and the bottom floor of the steel structure workshops, and to drain water vapor from the roofing layer as much as possible. A better way to solve the water vapor problem is to fill some insulation cotton inside the roofing layer, and then you can lay a waterproof film on the roofing floor. It is best to set multiple ventilation nodes on the roof of the steel structure workshop.
(4) Daylighting intensity of steel structure workshops: Because the construction area of ​​steel structure workshops is relatively large, daylighting and lighting can be performed through skylights and wall windows during the daytime, which can save electricity consumption of the workshop. In the steel structure workshop, the lighting board or glass should be placed on a specific metal roofing position, and the lighting board or glass should be cleaned frequently.
(5) Prevention of fire: No matter what kind of building, fire is always a hidden danger in use, and steel structure workshops are no exception. Although the steel structure plant itself is constructed of steel materials, it is not easy to ignite when a fire occurs, but when the fire site reaches a certain temperature, the interior of the steel will become brittle and the load capacity of the steel will decrease. It causes a fracture under the action, which causes collapse.
(6) Sound insulation of steel structure workshops: Large steel structure workshops are usually used in production workshops. In the process of production and construction, there will always be unavoidable noise of large decibels. In order to prevent noise from being transmitted from the inside of the steel structure workshop to the outside of the steel structure workshop, or external noise is transmitted from the outside of the steel structure workshop to the inside. Steel structures are often filled with sound-proof materials.
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