How to ensure the quality requirements of steel structure products?
With the development of economy, more and more customers choose to build steel structure factory buildings. The proportion of steel structure factory buildings in the whole factory building project is increasing. In the current development situation, steel structure factory buildings will be the mainstream choice of factory buildings in the future. Although the steel structure workshop is good, the "good" is also said on the basis of careful construction. It can be seen that it is necessary to improve the safety factor of steel structure workshop and ensure the quality of steel structure workshop. So how to ensure the quality requirements of steel structure products? The following problems need to be paid attention to in the production and installation of steel structure workshop:

1. Design process

Design is the source of all processes. Only reasonable design can make it possible to build a safe and reliable steel structure workshop. When designing, the designer should take into account the span of the workshop, the specification of materials to be used and the load of various materials, and design in strict accordance with the standards of the steel structure industry.

2. Factory made

1) Setting out and blanking process. This process is the leading one before processing. Its quality has a direct impact on the next process, as well as the quality of plant construction materials. Therefore, it must be done well in this respect, without any loss.  

2) Assembly process. This process has a great influence on the quality of steel structure workshop, and under such influence, monitoring is also very important, so we should pay attention to it.

3) Welding procedure. Because the construction of steel structure workshop is mainly through welding steel members, the quality of welding directly determines the quality of steel structure workshop. This is also the most likely process of quality problems, affecting the quality and safety of steel structure workshop. Therefore, great attention should be paid to the construction of this project.

4) Painting process. This process is a relatively hidden work in the construction of steel structure workshop, which has less impact on the structure than on the building function, but it is also a process prone to quality problems. Therefore, this is also a factor affecting the quality of steel structure workshop.

3. Field installation

In the field installation, first of all, the foundation shall be well done, then the operation shall be standardized, and the accuracy of hoisting shall be controlled. The important point is the quality of assembly and welding. We believe that through the above process, we will be able to successfully build a safe and stable plant.

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