What reinforcement should be paid attention to in the process of steel structure construction?

In recent years, with the wide use of large buildings, for many construction companies, large steel structure projects become the focus of companies wrestle, large complex high-rise building structure system, some special problems needs to be considered in steel structure design and reasonable solution, including about steel structure engineering reinforcement was widely attention, so during the construction of large steel structure, the reinforcement should pay attention to what issues?Below dalian guangtong steel structure co., LTD. On the steel structure reinforcement problems and we discuss together.

1, the wall structure and the building unit of the bolt up and down symmetry, the structure should be straight, color plate gap can not be big and small, with the gap treatment must be appropriate.

2. The position of the high-strength bolts should be reasonable, and the construction space of the twister and torque wrench should be considered. Do not install the bolts, because the space is too small, the twister and torque wrench cannot be in place, resulting in the club head of the high-strength bolts cannot be broken or the high-strength bolts cannot be tightened.

3. When the tie rod connecting plate is made for the beam and column, the hole is not stretched out properly. In some places, the connecting plate on the tie rod is too long, resulting in too little space and the tie rod is too long to be put in.

4. The connection between the wind column and the steel beam shall be connected by the spring plate as far as possible.

5. Try not to design the connection board of purline into a square, the workshop is easy to reverse the assembly.

6. Check whether the roof board has broken marks or whether there are unfavorable factors of thermal expansion and cold shrinkage under high temperature.

7, after the completion of the project, the coating is also an important link, to pay attention to the quality, in strict accordance with the market price of fire coating to solid construction daub.

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