How to make an outdoor steel structure billboard?


As the market environment continues to mature, advertising is also rising.
According to the survey of guangtong steel structure, in addition to the Internet advertising push method is loved by everyone, roadside, buildings on the steel structure billboard is becoming more and more mainstream.Dalian guangtong steel structure co. Ltd. has undertaken a number of outdoor steel structure billboard projects.

  Dalian guangtong steel structure co., LTD. Production of steel structure billboard material used Q235B, specifications for 24 meters long, 24 meters wide, 17 meters high, and product specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.Steel structure billboard surface treatment for sandblasting, derusting Sad3, anticorrosive treatment using paint epoxy primer, polyurethane finish paint.

  Why are steel billboards so widely promoted?Based on years of project practice of guangtong steel structure co., LTD., the following contents are summarized and Shared with you.The design of steel structure billboard should consider three factors: distance, Angle of view and environment.In the open square and on the sidewalk, the audience is 10 meters away, and it is more convenient to see objects 5 meters above the head.Therefore, the first step of billboard design should be to determine the advertising location and size according to the three factors of distance, perspective and environment.

  With the development of the city, the urban space is more and more narrow, and the outdoor billboards are higher and higher.Steel structure, most of these billboards is vulnerable to the erosion of the rain, severe winds and torrential rains in the summer, especially easy to collapse, cause damage to the surrounding buildings, at this time in choosing a steel structure billboard construction companies will need to be careful, in addition to price comparison, more is the comparison of the construction company's strength, the safety performance of the product, service, etc.Guangtong steel structure co., LTD produces steel structure billboards with good quality, solid structure and long service life.Display a wide range, can clearly display the advertising content.Customizable design, unlimited new ideas.Night lighting to ensure safety.It can be used in schools, hospitals, enterprises, construction sites, markets, business halls, highways and other places.Dalian guangtong steel structure co., LTD has undertaken a number of steel structure billboard project production, and by the customer's unanimous recognition and trust!

  Dalian guangtong steel structure co., ltd. has a professional design team, our construction team has rich construction experience, we can effectively guarantee the quality of the project, safety and time limit.Dalian guangtong steel structure co., LTD strives for perfection, pursues details, thinks what the customer thinks, is urgent the customer is urgent, we wholeheartedly provide the high quality service for you!

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