What are your company's steel structure acceptance specifications?
    Steel structure is one of the main types of building structures, and is one of the more common structural forms in modern building engineering. Steel structure engineering is a structure made mainly of steel. The construction of steel structures is extremely important and must not be careless. Therefore, quality acceptance at the beginning of construction is very important, which is related to future safety. Dalian Guangtong Steel Structure Co., Ltd., founded in 1998, is a company specializing in the design and manufacture of steel structures and non-standard metal components. The content introduced below is the content and focus of our steel structure acceptance code.
    The first thing to look at is the quality self-inspection report. In this report, the construction of the steel structure of the house to be constructed must be introduced one by one.
Steel structure acceptance specifications. At the time of acceptance, the steel construction project construction quality data provided are as follows:

1. Certificates of factory quality qualification of steel and steel castings, as well as re-inspection reports that require sampling re-inspection. Important quality certificate and sample re-inspection report for welding materials of steel structure.
2. Quality certificate of anticorrosive and fireproof coating products for steel structures;
3. Assembly records of steel structure;
4. Steel structure construction drawings, as-built drawings and design change documents;
5. Inspection records of anticorrosion and fireproof coating of steel structures;
6. Steel structure engineering inspection batch, sub-item, and sub-project quality acceptance records;
7. Inspection records of quality control data for the main structure branch project;
8. Safety and functional inspection and sampling test records of the main structure branch project;
9. The quality inspection records of the subject structure of the project.
    The strict inspection and acceptance system guarantees the product quality of Dalian Guangtong Steel Structure Co., Ltd. Dalian Guangtong Steel Structure Company will continue to uphold the concept of "honesty and pragmatism, innovation and win-win situation, and the pursuit of excellence". Through the new management mode, we make every effort to provide customers with satisfactory products and thoughtful services, and rank among the first-class enterprises in China.