What measures should be paid attention to in winter steel structure transportation construction?
  When it's cold, you don't want to stretch your hand out. Let alone touch the cold steel components. Therefore, it's relatively dangerous to lift the steel structure from the construction personnel to the construction machinery in winter. Therefore, during the construction, you should strengthen the management of the steel structure construction site to avoid the water and ice on the working surface in the construction area. The transportation road and the top surface of the steel beam in the steel structure construction site should be prevented Sliding measures to ensure smooth transportation.

  Secondly, the anti-skid measures shall be taken when transporting and stacking steel members in winter. The steel member stacking site shall be flat, solid and free of puddles and ice on the ground. When the components are stacked, the components shall be kept horizontal and the sizing block shall be placed on the same vertical line to prevent the components from slipping.

  In addition, when steel cable is used to lift steel components, anti-skid spacer shall be added, and node plates that are lifted with components at the same time, fixtures and other things required by device personnel shall be bound firmly with ropes.

  Then remove the ice, snow and dew on the component surface before lifting and installation, but do not damage the coating.

  In the end, the steel beam erection of bridge crane across the line shall be carried out in sunny weather, and the hoisting operation shall be arranged around 9:00 a.m. every day as far as possible.

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