Does your company provide OEM/ODM services? How do you help us install it?
Does your company provide OEM/ODM services? How do you help us install it?
Yes, our company provides OEM/ODM services, we can make according to the drawings you sent to us.Our company has a professional steel structure design team, if you do not have drawings, our design team will according to your requirements for your design.Our technical team is experienced, the product performance is good and on time delivery, nearly five years did not delay the delivery of the product.Based on the design drawings provided by the customer, we are able to record and inform the customer of any foreseeable problems.We use standard products and effective communication to provide customers with quality products.After the factory completes the production, the site is pre-assembled and then the video is sent to the customer through communication tools like WeChat or QQ.Customers can learn about product quality in detail from afar.In addition, our field technicians can be required to send video of any structural part of the product for on-site communication and inspection.After the inspection, according to the customer designated color split, and before the packaging paint.
Our products are available for each assembly in advance free online video guide, we will give the video to send to you the installation personnel, if there is some installation problem, our technical team can pass WeChat, QQ or other online chatting tools to communicate with you, make sure that our products can be accurate installation, and also can make you feel this is a pleasant cooperation!
Our after-sales customer service team will call cooperation customer pays a return visit regularly, to confirm whether our products and services to the customer's expected satisfaction effect, if the product used in doubt or problem, we will actively help guests to solve and solve the related problem, we will also take seriously of Suggestions from our customers, customer service team will record the customer put forward the Suggestions and report to the manager, the superior leadership communication and arrangement, we will accept your valuable suggestions!