What are the strengths of your company and your technical team?

Dalian guang tong steel structure co., LTD is a professional engaged in steel structure and non-standard design and manufacturing of metal components of the enterprise, the company covers an area of 18000 square meters, building area of 13000 square meters, the average annual output 20000 tons, the firm, shearing machine, bending machine, hydraulic machine, bending machines, punching machine, drilling machine, sawing machine, straightening machine, set machine, automatic submerged arc welding machine, shot blasting machine, the nondestructive flaw detector such as dozens of sets of advanced processing and testing equipment, staff 100 people, including technical personnel and skilled workers for more than three quarters.The company has obtained the certificate of ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system, ISO50430 quality management standard for engineering construction enterprises, and has the project contracting qualification of construction steel structure.The company has contracted and successfully completed a number of projects in Korea, the United States, Japan, Australia and China railway group.

Guangtong steel structure supports the processing and production of special wear-resistant material products, supports the customization according to the drawings, customized according to demand, insists on the quality of survival, to the reputation of development.Own high quality production equipment, selection of raw materials, quality control system.Guangtong wear-resistant material technical team, according to customer demand, can provide free late application system solutions.The raw materials and production equipment of the products are all standard products to ensure the reliability, safety and environmental protection of the products.According to different material medium, different use environment, develop the appropriate solution.And our company has a professional customer service team, one-on-one housekeeper order production follow-up, so that you worry.

Our company has a professional steel structure design team.Stable and skilled front-line production workers;Our technical team is good at drawing pre-approval, modeling, product pre-assembly, on-site video construction guidance, and according to the design drawings provided by the customer, we can record and inform the customer of any foreseeable problems. They are the leaders of guangtong steel structure.Our company has the production process monitoring video, realized the customer to the production site remote viewing, the customer can capture any production details, our factory whole production site is equipped with the production quality monitoring equipment, the customer can grasp any production details, and have professional technical personnel to answer any questions for the customer.If the customer is not satisfied with the production process, we will directly submit it to the general manager.After the factory completes the production, the site is pre-assembled and then the video is sent to the customer through communication tools like WeChat or QQ.Customers can learn about product quality in detail from afar.In addition, our field technicians can be required to send video of any structural part of the product for on-site communication and inspection.After the inspection, according to the customer designated color split, and before the packaging paint.