What are the characteristics and functions of your company's storage steel shelves?
      As for the shelf products, people's knowledge is relatively rich, and its existence history is not short. Shelves are suitable for storing large quantities and small varieties of goods for batch operations. The largest amount of storage is available with the smallest space available. The reason why modern logistics can go on firmly is inseparable from the emergence of shelf warehouses. This is also a prominent performance in adapting to the development of modern logistics and can better promote the needs of industrialized production. In addition, with the continuous improvement of automation, today's warehouse technology has become an important part of the high-tech field. Warehousing shelves can better realize space planning through reasonable development. For example, the classification of items is more clear and detailed, and each space can be specifically planned so as not to cause confusion. This adds to daily management. More convenience.
       Dalian Guangtong Steel Structure Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the design and manufacture of steel structures and non-standard metal parts. The warehouse steel shelves designed and manufactured by our company are suitable for factory warehouses, workshops, exhibition stands and other places. The zinc primer, epoxy mica intermediate paint and polyurethane topcoat are anti-corrosive, and the seismic strength can reach 7 grades, and has the following characteristics:
1. Large space, light weight and small size.
2. Low engineering cost and low resource consumption.
3. Good safety performance, stable frame and strong bearing capacity.
4. Clean and environmentally friendly, recyclable.
5. High-strength bolt connection, fast installation, sturdy and durable, good safety and anti-shock effect. Zh
      Dalian Guangtong Steel Structure Co., Ltd. has produced countless storage steel shelves with advanced equipment and technology. The quality management is strictly implemented in accordance with standardization, while drawing on the experience of other enterprises, and continuously producing more perfect products, which makes our company a leading position in China. According to the needs of different customers, various types of storage shelves can be customized. The products are widely used in logistics companies, large warehouses and other places.

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