What is a shelf? What are the characteristics of your shelves?

                                    What is a shelf? What are the characteristics of your shelves?

A shelf is a shelf where goods are stored.A storage device used to store items.Shelf is an important tool to improve the efficiency of modern warehouse.With the rapid development of the economy, as enterprises continue to increase output and expand capacity, enterprise warehouse standardization, high efficiency is naturally put on the agenda.With the gradual improvement of China's local shelf technology, in order to save costs, more and more foreign enterprises choose to buy local shelf, China's shelf industry has been formed.

The shelves range from medicine cabinets in ancient Chinese medicine pharmacies to shelves in modern stores to shelves made of steel bars in large three-dimensional warehouses or more advanced materials.

Modern mass production is increasingly promoting the socialization, specialization and centralization of industrial production.The high degree of mechanization and automation of production inevitably requires the timely, rapid and accurate supply and distribution of materials.This has led to the rapid development of 3d warehouse technology and has become a high-tech symbol of factory design.Shelf independent export began in 2000, before mainly through foreign trade companies agent.China's export products are mainly pallet shelves, high - rise heavy - duty shelves, but for the three-dimensional warehouse installation service requirements are still relatively few.Automated warehouse shelves in China have reached international standards.Fifo can be realized, and can achieve replenishment, multiple picking.High storage efficiency.

Our customized steel shelves in the factory warehouse have the following characteristics:

1. Large volume, light weight and small volume.

2. Low project cost, low resource consumption and high precision.

3. Good safety performance, stable frame, strong load-bearing capacity, strong seismic capacity.

4. Clean, environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Dalian guangtong steel structure co., LTD. Was established in 2008, and has been established for 12 years.Committed to the best product quality, to "quality wins the reputation, reputation" as the development philosophy, to customer satisfaction as the driving force, committed to become a benchmark steel structure industry enterprises!

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