What are the characteristics of your company's dock fenders?
  The dock fender manufactured by dalian guangtong steel structure co., LTD has the following advantages: 1. The material has good corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, etc. 2. Impact resistance: the ship has great strength to dock. If the ship directly collids with the wharf, the early-deck ship will be damaged or the facilities along the wharf will be damaged. 3. Steel toughness, good wear resistance, uniform material, stable structure, suitable for bearing impact and dynamic load, with good seismic performance. 4. Green products, environmental protection and pollution-free, with a flexible emergency function, is essential for ports, docks and ships! The above advantages fully reflect the reliable quality of the dock fender.
  Dalian guang tong steel structure company adhering to the "pragmatic integrity, innovation and win-win, the pursuit of excellence" concept, with new management mode, perfect technology, and thoughtful service, excellent quality for survival, continuously improve the processing technology, updating equipment, continuous improvement management, adhere to customer first, to provide customers with satisfactory products and thoughtful service, the pursuit of win-win with customers and the development, the sustainable development of the company into a hard, remarkable achievements of the enterprise.

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