How do you do quality control in your factory?

  The fundamental work of our company's production quality control is to control the quality of the manufacturing process, "5S" field management and delivery inspection (OQC), so as to ensure the overall quality of products.

   Frist.Production process quality control:

Call on all staff, workshop director to participate in the quality management activities.Responsibility for each process is to be implemented to the person, strict requirements for the operation staff to do a product first for self-inspection, and then by the workshop director inspection, and then by the quality inspection commissioner or inspection sampling, prevent the emergence of unqualified products, not to let a defective product into the next process.Each workshop must be inspected, qualified products, defective products for strict distinction, to prevent confusion.Products in the workshop must be kept clean and dry.Each workshop must standardize the operation, strictly do not produce unqualified products, do not accept unqualified products, do not transfer unqualified products.

  Second."5S" field management:

5S management is to tidy, tidy, clean, clean, quality.

1. Sorting: it means to completely separate the things you want from the things you don't want. The things you want are clearly listed in the designated position, while the things you don't want are definitely disposed of.

2. Rectification: it means that once the items are found to be unmarked and not disposed of, the on-site management cadre will investigate the responsibility of the party concerned;

3. Cleaning: clean the dust, dirt and other dirty things on the workplace, environment, instruments and equipment and production materials;

4. Cleaning: it refers to the daily maintenance activities after the above three links. 3 minutes (or 5 minutes) before the end of work every day, all staff shall participate in the cleaning operation, so as to keep the whole environment in a good state at all times;

5. Quality: it means to cultivate good manners, working habits, organizational discipline and professional dedication of all employees.Its purpose is to create a clean, comfortable and civilized production environment, regulate employees' behavior, and build a good corporate image.

  Thrid.Shipment inspection (OQC) :

Shipment inspection is a summary of the products produced.Through the whole product performance indicators of the reinspection, whether to meet customer needs and expectations of satisfaction.Must strictly comply with the company standards and customer requirements for inspection.Do not miss inspection, do not hand over defective products, do not accept unqualified products.Factory pass rate reaches 100%.